Upcoming Concerts :


Friday, July 4 ~ Macungie Memorial Park ~ 11:30am

"Old Fashioned Fourth of July"


Updated Friday, July 4 ~ 9:40am



Saturday, July 19 ~ Hills at Lock Ridge ~ 7:00 pm

7125 Scenic View Drive, Macungie


Now Booking!

If you are interested in hiring the Macungie Band to perform at your venue or event, please contact Business Manager Miranda Bickel at mblibrarian@hotmail.com.





Take the Band With You!

The Macungie Band has three commercially-recorded CDs!  Distant Greeting, 150th Anniversary, and Shall We Dance? are available for a donation of $10 apiece.  Pick up one, two, or all three at any Macungie Band concert, or see our Music page for track listings and ordering information.

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